3rd October 2017

Had a great opening tonight with some traditional Japanese food. Many thanks to gallery Director Kaname and his wife Yoriko Matsumra for inviting me to exhibit and for their hospitality.

2nd October 2017

Art Spot Korin is a lovely gallery in the old district of Kyoto. Installing the exhibition today on two floors, and the top floor has beautiful old beams. Great to have some help from Masahiro Kawanaka the curator.

29th September 2017

Heading off to Tokyo and on to Kyoto for my exhibition and afterwards a little travelling. Will post some images later.

10th June 2017

I've been making more and more ceramic stones. Luckily the more I make, the slightly better I get at it each time.

10th May 2017

Printmaking at Dundee Contemporary Arts has become a new interest, and I am sure that some of the work I'm doing now will be in my next exhibition. There are so many techniques to learn and I have mainly been screen printing and photo etching so far, but it is quite addictive!

5th April 2017

I am happy to now be a part of Lateral Lab Ltd, a charitable arts trust, and have taken on the role of Treasurer too.

20th March 2017

The Hope Scott Trust have just awarded me a grant to help with my exhibition in Japan and I will also now be going out to install it and for the opening so really looking forward to that.

1st February 2017

I will be having an exhibition at Art Spot Korin, in Kyoto, Japan from 3rd October - 22nd October this year, so lots to do over the next few months!

14th December 2016

I have been lucky enough to have time over the last few months to experiment in the studio with a view to making new work for a future solo exhibition. This has resulted in a move towards making. Using found natural materials such as the Pappus from the Creeping Thistle plant I have been constructing an 'indoor landscape' with the Pappus and muslin cloth.

20th March 2016



I have just returned from my second research trip to Iceland. I got the chance to be in and on some of the earth's most amazing natural spaces. I experienced two of the most interesting and wild black sand beaches at Jokulsarlon and Reynishverfi. The glaciers are incredibly beautiful but sadly as our guide explained, receding up the mountain year by year, as can be seen here in the bottom right image.

28th February 2016

I have been awarded a FCAC visual artist's grant to create a new body of work over the next year, so I am looking forward to experimenting and taking my work in a new direction and moving forward from painting.

14th January 2016


The late Robert Callender's work is exhibited really well in the A2B publication. This retrospective collection contains a number of pieces. Among them, prints, and a film about his work, which shows the time involved collecting and creating as well as his inherent connection to the sea and the natural environment. I certainly find the art of making so important and have found it to be quite a cathartic process.

16th September 2015

Moving into the Sea Loft Studio in Kinghorn today. This is the converted cinema overlooking the beach in Kinghorn where Elizabeth Ogilvie lives and works.  Looking forward to working where light and space are in abundance and connecting with other artists locally and internationally.

29th July 2015



As an installation assistant to the New York artist Tara Donovan, I was helping to
install her exhibit in the ballroom in Bonnington House at Jupiter Artland. This was part of the Edinburgh International Festival and was also her first time exhibiting in the UK. It was extremely hard work, my knees are still sore! It was interesting to see how to put together something intricate but on a large scale.

11th July 2015

Just attended the opening of the Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline last night. It has an interesting new exhibition space with some good studio spaces above. Ian Moir has done an amazing job getting this off the ground in Fife and John Byrne was there to open it.

22nd May 2015

I've been doing a lot of video work and photography at the moment. Some other worldly images coming out of this exploration.

30th January 2015

There is some of my work in the Quay gallery in Aberdour just now. It has just re-opened after a winter break.

5th December 2014

I have work in the PVAF exhibition 'Endings' , opening tonight. Come along to Strathearn Artspace, Crieff and see a mix of work. On until 23rd January 2015.

1st December, 2014

New painting of inside an ice tunnel, inspired by my trip to Iceland.  Interior natural spaces fascinate me and you do feel closer to the earth in these extreme natural environments.

Glacier ice tunnel, Solheimajokull. (oil on canvas)