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Artist statement

My practice, like the natural world that I study, is constantly changing and I place no restriction on myself as to the mediums I use, I work freely between drawing, painting, photography, film and installation. 

I am inspired by natural ephemera. Movement and change in nature fascinates me and I consider this
as 'Natures Own Cinema' .  Often my work tries to pause this activity in photographs or paintings, just long enough for viewers to contemplate the moment. At other times I like to showcase the diverse and chaotic activity of natural ephemera through film.  My work aims to highlight the ephemeral nature of our lives and I hope that by elevating these everyday experiences, it allows us to reflect on the natural world, and our relationship with it.

Recent work

Over the last few months, I have been experimenting with different types of natural ephemera.  By collecting and using plants which are abundant around Kinghorn, I have used the down which is normally dispersed by the wind to create what I consider to be an indoor landscape. People can walk around or on this blanket and each individual will decide how to treat it.



my  inspirations


Water and how it behaves.

Water has no form or colour of its own, it needs containment and sunlight and sky to enhance it.  On one hand it is a calming and a life giving substance, whilst on the other it is threatening and dangerous. Its duality is the key to its sublime nature and I am captivated by it in all its forms.

Smoke and playing with it.

Smoke (fumage) - It is difficult to work with as it almost has a will of its own. The result is always unpredictable. Like the natural world, it cannot be controlled, it toys with me and perhaps that is why I like it.


Light and capturing it.

Light and dark, sunlight and shadow, moments of natural ephemera, movement when captured on video is mesmerising. Shadow has inspired many of my works so far and I continue to study its movement both indoors and out.